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Arcadia Brands and Craft Concentrates

The medicinal marijuana industry is starting to soar in Oklahoma.  With the recent change in laws that allow for medicinal marijuana to be purchased, several new companies are emerging.  SEEHAWK has been fortunate to work on two new brands in this new industry, Craft Concentrates and Arcadia Brands.  If

How to Design a Golden Ratio Logo

My latest VectorMaid.com tutorial describes how to build a logo using the golden ratio or Fibonacci sequence.  This ratio is approximately 1:1.618 and occurs in nature, in beauty, and even in stock market analysis.  In my experience, using the golden ratio can help bring a design into a more aesthetically

New Brand Coming Soon!

SEEHAWK Design finally put together a much-needed, very overdue brand revival at the beginning of 2019 which includes: new branded colors, logo design, upgraded website, and new business cards soon to be on the way.  The business cards are 2-ply with pearl fronts and black backs.  On the back

Let’s Work Together


Are you in need of a new logo?  Have a trade show coming up where a display, flyers, and business cards are a must?  Is your website clunky and outdated?  How about a short video highlighting how you solve problems for your customers?  It can all be accomplished with SEEHAWK Design – find out how!